Hi There,

I’m Inkea a Dutch fashion designer living in London. My story is quite simple, I love design and I love the beach so I decided to combine the two in this indie swimwear brand Lilly Rosa. I felt using my own name might create some obvious confusion…so after finding some old pics of my mother on her first ever holiday in Spain in the sixties I decided this brand will also be a bit of a tribute to this inspiring woman; Lilly. Next to loving the beach as much as I do (I might have got that from her) she really loved to be surprised with a fresh bouquet of roses (Rosa is Italian for rose) This is my story in a nutshell. Hope you’ll like the range and buy one (or two?) of my amazing swimwear pieces and enjoy them at an even more amazing holiday.

Welcome to Lilly Rosa.








Lilly 01/10/43 – 23/07/09